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Hooters of Napier is closed.
We will of course honour any outstanding vouchers.
Please get in touch with us at

July 23rd 2022 - 

Today we celebrate 10 years of Hooters Vintage and Classic Vehicle Hire operating here in the heart of Napier, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

10 years is a pretty big deal and we’ve had a real 'Hoot' of a time, that being said, it’s been a tough few years for all of us and like many of you folks out there we’ve decided it’s time for a change too!

Today we also close our doors to the adventure of Hooters, it’s been a fantastic journey and as a family owned and operated business we could not be happier with the adventures we’ve shared. A heartfelt thanks to all our team over the years and a special nod to those we’ve sadly lost along the way.

Thank you to all our amazing customers and to all those that have supported us.

We couldn’t have done it without you all! So on that note, we ask you to join us today and raise a glass remembering all the fun we’ve had over the last 10 years.

What an amazing 10 Years it has been! Thank you all X

Ana & the team at Hooters Vintage & Classic Vehicle Hire

P.S - We will still be honouring any outstanding gift vouchers out there so please do get in touch;

P.P.S - Tourism hasn’t seen the last of us yet, we will still be bringing you some amazing adventures with our little sister company Supertrike Tours. It’s a little bit faster and will certainly get your blood pumping, the wind through your hair and an experience you won’t forget!

Caricature of Ana and David Brock-Jest in the V12 Lagonda

Give us a call on 06 843 2959, 
​or email to

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