Welcome to the Hooters fleet...

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A fleet of American and European Vintage and Classic cars that are available for a range of chauffeur driven City and Winery tours, self-drive rentals, weddings and special events.


1923 Hupmobile Model R - 'Shades'

Vintage Hupmobile for hire in Art Deco Napier, avaiable for cruise shore excursions

'Shades' is now the oldest car in our fleet taking the title from Turk by just a few months!

Shades arrived on a car transporter from Christchurch and has since undergone a light mechanical restoration and modernisation to get her ready for a busy summer season running Art Deco tours around Napier.

Shades is the fourth Hupmobile in the collection, evidence of the Brock-Jest passion for the marque.

Open top vintage car arriving in Napier
Old timer retro car outside Hooters Vintage car showroom in Napier
David Brock-Jest in his authentic art deco tour car
True vintage car in Napier for hire and tours

1924 Hupmobile Model R - 'Turk'

Beautiful Retro models enjoying Napiers only open top vintage car tour.

Turk is the car in our fleet which has under gone the most extensive restoration. 

We found Turk, stored in a barn , in Napier having been off the road for over 25 years after suffering a crack in the engine block.

The restoration took over 2 years and included a full bare metal respray and  a rebuilt engine with an uncracked block, which handily had been sourced by the previous owner!

Stripped engine from Vintage Hupmobile
The early stages of restoration
A new coat of paint in a traditional Hupmobile colour
Hupmobile parts just waiting to show visitor the sights of Napier

1925 Hupmobile Model R - 'MyHupp'

Ana parked outside of our Napier Showrrom

All of the cars in the Hooters fleet have names, just as they all have individual characters.

This is the very first Hupmobile that Ana has owned, her father has procured many over the years, becoming quite a fan of the marque.

Since its arrival, Ana has always referred to it as 'My Hupp' and so the name stuck!

'MyHupp' is rather well known in New Zealand as the car that Tony Murrell drove around Napier, hooting and waving in a segment on TV One's Kiwi Living programme. 

1925 Hupmobile basking in the Hawke's Bay sun
Getting dressed up is all part of the fun of riding in a classic car
Enjoying a warm christmas in Summer, cruising with the top down!
Another happy Hooters driver getting ready to go on tour

1927 Buick Master Six - 'Bonnie'

Stopping for a picnic while on tour in an old-timer car.

Bonnie was the first vintage car in the Hooters New Zealand fleet and was named by a close friend of the family who, after taking it for a drive, exclaimed "oh, isn't she a bonnie ride!" and so the name stuck!

Bonnie has proved to be one of the most popular cars in the Hooters fleet, and with a superbly smooth over-head valve straight-six engine, burbling exhaust note and acres of rear legroom truly lives up to the old advertising slogan.

"If a better car is built, Buick will build it!"

The famous National Tobacco Company in Napier is a must on any tour!
Walk out to a beautiful vintage car and your very own chauffeur
Take a tour around Napier with the top down.
Stop at Mission Estate winery on our Wine tasting tour

1937 Dodge D5 - 'Charlie'

Prewar american Car on tour at a winery

'Charlie', our late 30's Dodge has a charm very much of her own, with a plush interior and spacious rear seat she is probably one of the most comfortable of the fleet. Great for airport transfers and winery tours with a large boot for luggage or wine supplies!   

'Charlie' retains all the glamour of Art Deco but is much easier to drive than the older vehicles in the fleet making her an excellent self-drive option.

Models posing during a photoshoot with retro car
Art deco car parked on Napiers, Marine Parade
The spacious and comfortable interior of our 1937 Dodge
A family enjoying a wine tour out to Craggy Range Winery

1938 Lagonda V12 Le Mans

David Brock-Jest racing his V12 Lagonda at Hampton Downs Racetrack

The 'Lag', as it is often referred to, is far and away the star of the fleet, only 150 of these fantastic V12 engines were ever built and this Le Mans style racer is one of only a dozen scattered around the globe and the only one based here in New Zealand.

This Lagonda has been raced and rallied all over the world by owner and driver David Brock-Jest and the stories he has to tell could fill a dozen books, just don't ask what it is worth as his reply is always "a gentleman never tells!"

Whilst driving this beautiful machine is reserved exclusively for David and daughter Ana, the 'Lag' is only available as a display vehicle for events and film work, if you are interested please email your request for consideration.

The V12 Lagonda Le Mans on a historic Rally
V12 Lagonda of David Brock-Jest in the Hooters Napier Showroom
1938 Lagonda on set during a film shoot
V12 Lagonda Le Mans racing at a track somewhere in France

1953 Citroën Big 15 - 'Rene'

Pretty French classic car for hire

'Rene' was an early acquisition to the fleet coming up to Napier from sunny Nelson and undergoing a light restoration. Designed in the mid-thirties, this car was revolutionary with its monocoque design and front-wheel drive. Andre Citroën had taken the design of the 34 Ford and created a car with a roofline that was 8 inches lower!

French elegance and innovation make this a lovely car to drive and be driven in. 

Two lovely ladies having fun on tour in an old Citroen
A couple Deco'ed up having photo shoot with Art Deco car
Original dash of 1950's Classic Citroen
Classic shape of war time citroen